ProSep understands that our commitment to excellence requires not only highly trained and qualified personnel but a diverse and dedicated supplier base. We search the marketplace for companies that share our commitment to customer satisfaction and to our value system.

ProSep will "Partner" with these companies incorporating their resources and experience, as well as their commitment to the quality that goes into a finished product that our customers can rely on for long lasting service.

We continue to represent a number of manufacturers of liquid purification products. These companies provide products we do not manufacture but need for our engineered solutions.


Federal Screen Products 

Wedge Wire Screen,
Lateral and Screen Repair, Strainers

Wire Screen Catalog




Industrial Anaerobic Treatment,
Biogas Recovery & Scrubbing, Sludge Digestion

Biobed® Catalog | Wastewater Catalog



GE Zenon Environmental

Water Reclaim-Reuse Systems
Waste Water Systems, Membrane Bioreactors

Zeeweed Catalog



Continuous Ion Exchange,
Chromatography & Technology Supplier

Ion Exchange Catalog



Softening & Mixed Bed Ion Exchange

Ion Exchange Catalog


Leem Filtration

Custom Wedge Wire Screens, Lateral Systems,     
Underdrains & Pressure Leaf Filtration.

 Wire Screen Catalog