Stay at the forefront of process development and innovation with a Pilot Plant designed and manufactured by ProSep Ltd.

We develop customized Pilot Plants to meet any set of specifications. Our team of industry experts are always excited to support you during the commissioning and testing of your Pilot Plant. In addition to custom-designed Pilot Plants for sale, ProSep has specialized Pilot Plants available for lease. These Pilot Plants are available for customer assessment of separation and purification technologies. 


Pilot Plant Advantages

  1. Validation - prove your technology with a leased Pilot Plant
  2. Scalability - gather design data for full scale implementation
  3. Optimization - find the best possible operating conditions
  4. Market Development - produce real samples for customer testing

Typical Pilot Plants

  • Chromatography using SMB Modes
  • Ion Exchange – Fixed Bed or Continuous
  • Membrane – Polymer or Ceramic

ProSep’s collaborative team approach to design and manufacturing results in high-quality systems in a cost and time-effective manner.

  • Lease or purchase a customized system to meet your specific process requirements
  • Flexible and scalable designs to accommodate changing requirements
  • Designed and constructed to meet applicable codes and standards
  • Systems can be manufactured for installation in hazardous areas
  • Flexible control systems designed with client’s preferred hardware and software
  • Reliable state-of-the-art designs and components are procured from industry respected suppliers recognized for the performance, high quality and durability of their products.




ProSep’s Simulated Moving Bed systems are designed with the following features to reduce manual workload requirements.

Feed Supply and Desorbent Supply Systems
Transfer pumps have measurement and control valve assemblies.  Feed and desorbent are taken from storage vessels, and transferred to the Pilot Plant at the pressure and flow required.

Extract and Raffinate Streams
Influents to flow measurement and control valve assemblies are under pressure from the Pilot Plant itself.

Control Panel and Software
AB PanelView Plus 1500 graphic touchscreen communicates to an AB CompactLogix Programmable Logic Controller, which controls every valve and pump and simultaneously monitors for alarms.


Selectable Mode Simulated Moving Bed

The most flexible Pilot Plant available for lease!

The control system is designed to allow the user to choose from three (3) modes of Simulated Moving Bed chromatography:

  1. Traditional (SMB)
  2. Sequential (SSMB)
  3. Intermittent (ISMB)

Each of the three (3) modes operate with the same columns, which provides an ideal method to compare separations with different methods of SMB chromatography.

Column sizes range from 1" - 4" Ø x 40" in length.
Construction materials can be customized, if a pilot plant is designed for purchase.



COLUMNS: Twelve (12) 316 SS 1-1/2” X 40” with 100 psig rating.  Optional column sizes are 1”, 1-1/2”, 2”, 3” and 4” Ø
VALVES: Automated 316 SS Ball Valves
Manual 316 SS Ball and Needle Sample Valves
Flow Control 316 SS Badger Research Valve
DISTRIBUTION: Designed specific for each column size
JACKETED COLUMNS: Headed by recirculating hot water.  Water is heated with customer-supplied heat or steam
FOOD GRADE MATERIAL:  All Pilot Plants are supplied with food grade materials and certification.



Membrane Filtration

Membrane Filtration test unit and full Pilot Plant available for lease or purchase.

Full Pilot Plant

  • Flexible unit to perform testing on full range of membrane technologies in a wide range of conditions.
  • Standard configuration of Pilot Plant allows testing with spiral, polymeric or tubular ceramic membranes.
  • Skid-mounted and delivered with components required for quick installation and simple operation.

Specs and Features

  • Two (2) Spiral Membrane Housings
  • One (1) Membrane per Housing
  • 4" Ø Elements with a 40" length
  • Bag Filter Pretreatment
  • Variable Frequency 3 HP Feed Pump
  • Variable Frequency 10 HP Recirculation Pump
  • Two (2) Permeate Rotameters
  • One (1) Concentrate Rotameter
  • One (1) Recirculation Rotameter
  • Conductivity Sensors for Feed and Permeate
  • Pressure and Temperature Gauges
  • 316 SS Construction
  • Stands 3' wide x 7' long x 5' tall

 Utility Requirements

  • Power = 230/460V, 3 phase, 60 HZ
  • Line size = ½” to 1-¼” 

Operating Conditions

  • Spiral membrane area = 4 to 15 m2
  • Ceramic membrane area = 0.2 to 0.36 m2
  • Spiral permeate = 20 to 50 gal/hr
  • Ceramic permeate = 5 to 50 gal/hr
  • Rated for 450 psig and 180°F
  • Feed Pump: 320 psig at 1 gpm to 190 psig at 13 gpm
  • Recycle Pump: 340 psig @ 1 gpm to 160 psig @ 45 gpm 


Feasibility Test Unit 

Available for Rent

  • 2-½“ Ø by 15” to 40” membranes
  • Ceramic or polymer membrane
  • Spiral or tubular configuration
  • Rated to 1000 psig and 150°F
  • Power requirements = 120V at 60HZ
  • Dimensions = 4' x 2' base by 4' tall 



Custom Pilot Plants


These Pilot Plants were designed for customers with specific needs and have been installed worldwide.



Carousel Style SSMB

  • 12-port valve assembly is also a fully functional CIX contactor
  • Depending upon SSMB process configuration, the unit can handle feed flows from 0.3 to 6.0 liters/hr.  
  • Allen-Bradley PLC controls each valve and pump while ProSep software provides process flow control for feed, desorbent, extract, and raffinate.

Primary Components

  1. Multi-port valve and pressure housing
  2. Motor and gearbox drive for the valve
  3. Control box for electrical and valve control
  4. Resin columns and support arms
  5. Frame structure and access door
  6. Heater and insulation
  7. Process configuration switchboard
  8. Flow control pumps and valves
  9. Central control panel


Six-Bed Ion
Exchange System

12" Ø IX columns with merry-go-round service and regeneration for the three (3) pairs of cation-anion units. Units are rubber-lined steel tanks, stainless steel and polypropylene-lined piping and valves.

Automated operation of flow control, indication, and regeneration with HCl and NaOH.

A-B PanelView graphic touchscreen communicates to an A-B CompactLogix PLC, which controls all valves and pumps plus monitors alarm conditions and process flow.

Interlock signal can go to customer’s DCS via Ethernet.


Nano, Micro, and Diafiltration

  • Polymer and Ceramic Membranes
  • Automated flow control and indication
  • PLC and HMI integrated controls