Sucrose Decolorization

ProSep provides a complete turnkey decolorization plant that utilizes water reclamation to achieve the lowest operating costs possible.

Our turnkey plant design is capable of decolorizing and deashing sucrose with an initial color as high as 1200 ICUMSA down to the industrial standard of <45 ICUMSA. The liquid sugar product is produced at 67.5% DS with less than 0.05% Ash.

ProSep has multiple IX decolorizers and brine recovery systems in operation today. We have a long history as an IX supplier to major sugar producers such as Tate & Lyle, Cargill, ADM, Ingredion, and ASR.

Designed to Last
Our sophisticated process design software ensures the longevity of the equipment and media.  A lower pressure drop across resin results in a longer resin life, and a lower membrane flux results in less cleaning and longer membrane life.

We have strong relationships with media and equipment suppliers, such as Purolite Resins, Leem Filtration, and Hydranautics Membranes.  These relationships allow for us the streamline projects, improve delivery times, and provide service or replacements faster than any other company.

Robust Manufacturing
Our distribution and vessels are designed to last.  By using high quality materials robust designs our equipment is easy to maintain, and outlasts our competitors.

The Process

Raw sugar with color up to 1200 ICUMSA is melted down by adding water and heating. Powder Activated Carbon (PAC) and Diatomaceous Earth (DE) are added to the melted sugar and allowed to mix for initial color removal. The liquid sugar is filtered with Vertical Leaf Filters (VLF) and treated by Ion Exchange (IX) Decolorizers. Ion Exchange Mixed Beds are then used for additional dashing.

Bulk Bag Unloader

Bulk Bag Unloaders along with other auxiliary equipment are designed to simplify the operation of each process.

Vertical Leaf Filters

Vertical Leaf Filters are responsible for removing PAC, DE, and any other particulate from the sugar. The result is a clean stream of 200 to 350 ICUMSA sugar.

Ion Exchange Decolorizers

IX Decolorizers are fully automated and result in an effluent of 67.5% DS sugar at <45 ICUMSA.

Mixed Bed

Mixed bed systems are fully automated and will provide additional ash removal processing 0.15% ash sugar to less than 0.05% ash.
Nanofilters are fully automated and designed to recover waste brine from the IX decolorizer regeneration process.

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